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All the code contained in the Serenity project must adhere to these coding standards. Any submissions of code that do not fit will need to be reformatted or rewritten before they may be included in the Serenity codebase.

  • PascalCase is used uniformly for every identifier in Serenity. No variable, method, class, property, etc. should ever start with a lower-case letter, nor should underscores ever be used to separate words. MyClass.MyMethod() is acceptable, myClass.my_method() is NOT.
  • All private fields must be prefixed with an underscore "_". It is currently undecided whether this should be extended to include all private members, not just fields.
  • Instance members of the current class must use "this" or "base". For example, int MyValue = this.MyMethod() is acceptable, but int MyValue = MyMethod() is NOT.
  • Each type must reside in it's own file, and each namespace must have it's own directory. For example, the type "Serenity.Web.Drivers.WebDriver" must be in a file named "WebDriver.cs", which is located at /Web/Drivers/ where / is the project root directory (where the .csproj file is located). This guideline applies to all types including enums and delegates.

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